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"Govett's Leap"

This beautiful sunrise shot was taken at Govett's Leap Lookout in The Blue Mountains National Park, New South Wales, Australia.

Alarms were set for around 5:30am. I opened the sliding door on our Toyota campervan and was met with an extremely cold, crisp morning. It felt like we were back home in England! Thick socks and hoodies were needed before packing up my camera gear, making a well needed coffee and hitting the road in the dark. After a short 20 minute drive along the roads of the Blue Mountains we arrived at the carpark at Govett's Leap Lookout. A few other other people, as well as a couple of photographers had also braved the cold morning to get a good spot for the sunrise.

After setting up my tripod and getting a few test shots from different areas of the lookout I was finally happy with the position of my setup. The first glimpse of sunlight started to appear on the horizon and begin to light up the valley in front of us. The amazing sound of Bridal Veil Falls to our right started to come to life as we could see the torrent of water falling from the hills down to the bottom.

As the sun rose further it began to cast huge light rays over the hills, lighting up the low hanging cloud trapped in the base of the valley and started to reflect back off the rock faces to the north.

This really has to be one of the most stunning sunrises I have ever seen, and what a setting to see it! I hope you all enjoy the snap. Any questions you may have about the location itself, settings used, or general photography questions please comment or message me directly via the 'contact' page.


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